Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Footenotes 4/14/09

Dearest Family and Friends,

            It has been some time since I last updated you all on what is happening in our ministry.  In January I had the privilege of teaching a group of bible translators through the first six chapters of the book of Genesis.  This was my first teaching assignment in the Spanish language!  God was faithful to me in those days.  There were 14 students along with John Lubeck (Wycliffe Missionary) and our family.  There are three languages all ready in progress of translating the Old Testament--- Ch’orti’, Q’anjob’al, and Akateko.  Other language groups were present that are wanting to start a O.T. translation in their languages---Achi, Awakateko, Tekiteko, Mam, Pokamchi’, Ixil, Kekchi’ and Tz’utujil.   I taught for 3-4 hours a day for 5 days. I was expositing, explaining difficult passages and answering questions concerning the first 6 chapter of Genesis.  This was no easy challenge because all of us were working in our second language.  John Lubeck taught workshops on translation and living a holy life.  In the evenings the Mayan translators trained themselves in topics such as morphology, semantics, editing and principles of translation. We had a wonderful time during this week and the brothers were very encouraged and believe that this project is the will of God for their people.  We plan to hold another workshop in next few months to continue our study of the book of Genesis. 

            As for our involvement here in Santiago all is well.  I might add it is a very slow process because of the language barrier and the fact that it is a very closed culture.  We are making friendships and continuing to build relationships with the people.  We officially have a Tz’utujil language teacher and will start classes in May Lord willing.  Since February we have received 4 teams, from Chicago, Canada, Fort Worth and Richmond.  We have visited schools to give out school supplies and were able to share the gospel to over 1000 students. Helped with a Dental team, Continued the work at the church camp, and just last week two eye doctors visited to look at the possibility of bringing a team next year.  Lord willing they will return so they can issue glasses and do surgeries as well. 

            Prayer items: 1. Continue to pray for the Bible Translators of Guatemala.  This is a monumental project.  2.  Pray for us as we begin to learn our third language it is a booger. 3.  Pray for our health.  All of kids are sick right now with bad stomach and intestinal problems. 4.  Pray for ministry among the Tz’utujil that God would bless it by an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.

            My mother is at home and is continuing to recover.  She us much better but continue to pray for her in the coming days.


Daniel Foote

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Mayan Translators   
Genesis workshop 
Footes in the Tz'utujil clothes. 

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sabbatical Leave???

Ok, Ok, I know what many of you (about 3) are thinking. What happened to Danny and his blog? I know that many of you are missing my profound words of wisdom that give meaning to life or my quick quips of that send you on your way smiling throughout the day. Well, I'm back! I have been on a writing hiatus. Why you may ask? All good writers have times of writing block and need to break from the rigors of long hours of putting thought into writing that paint beautiful pictures of understanding. Yes, it does seem longer than five months but for me as a writer it was a lifetime. Thank you for your patience.  And please do not take this post seriously.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

If You Can't Beat'em, Join'em!

Well, I'm not trying to beat anyone but I have decided to join the world of blogdom. I have been secretively lurking the the shadows for years now and I am ready to step into the light. I find blogging to be one of the most interesting forms of communication and self-expression that exist. One of the difficulties is deciding just what I should write about. At this juncture, all I can say is that I have no real focus here. I will be writing about missions, theology, apologetics and every day life as missionary.

I expect that some of my blogs will be reflective of that particular day but I want to encourage a Socratic type of interaction between people. I find that I learn best in community. Community is a place where I can be challenged and edified to the glory of God. So please join in discussion and make learning a community effort. Soli Deo Gloria.